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PostSubject: Rules-Important.   Rules-Important. EmptyMon Aug 03, 2009 4:31 pm

Please note that this Garage Sale forum is for BABV ONLY. Do not share your personal information or it will be deleted ASAP. Anyone who is begging you for your information will be suspended from BABV-Guide for 1 week.


1. Anything going to be sold can be sold by Bearbills ONLY!

2. There will be no selling of items through Private Messages.

3. If you are selling any clothing or accessories, please allow members to look through your inventory.

4. There will be no limit on offering. You can keep adding if you'd like.

5. If you are going to sell items for items, there is a section for that. The Trading Place.

6. This is the format you need to post if you are opening a yard sale.

BABV Username

Items I am selling:


Money I would like for the items:

7. Do not ask for more then it is in the Pawlette Coufur, BVO, or Bear Stuff. It is a yard sale, it should be less. If it is a PSI, the maximum you can ask for is 10,000 Bearbills.

8. It will be open for 1 week. If you want to shut it down, PM an officer.
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