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PostSubject: Apply now!   Apply now! EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 4:00 pm

Anybody who gains access can write about their day in the members' jounal, but
you must follow the rules to do so. So here are some rules:

1. No talk of racism, politics, religion, or anything that will be used in a discriminative context.
2. Only mention other members' names if you are going to talk about
them in a nice way
3. We don't want to hear about you being mean, hurtful, or
unkind in any way; only speak of yourself doing nice things unless you are going to speak of it in a regretful or apologetic way.

Also, To write A journal entry, you title should look like this:
(user name) journal entry, (date)

Now, Like I said, anybody who is granted access can write an
entry. Please post this message to have the ability to write:

I, (name), agree to respect these rules, when writing in the journal.
I agree to accept my punishment if I break a rule, and promise to take it willingly. I will not deliberately exhibit wrongful behavior in my

Thanks and I hope you decide what to write. Very Happy
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Apply now!
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